Citizens charter of GHRSSIDC

Citizens charter


Goa handicrafts, rural and small scale
Industries development
corporation ltd.

(A govt of Goa undertaking)


Crafts Complex, Neugi Nagar,
Rua de Ourem, Santa Cruz Road, Panaji - Goa 403 001,
Tel.: 2228157, 2225328, 2224478
Fax : 2228158 Gms:'GOAUDYOG'



Goa Handicrafts, Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Ltd., (GHRSSIDC) a fully owned Govt. Corporation primarily deals with the promotion of arts and handicrafts in Goa in addition to assisting rural and small scale industrial units and others.

The main functions and activities of the Corporation includes interalia

  1. Procurement and supply of raw materials and extending marketing assistance to small scale industrial units.
  2. Promote and develop Handicrafts by opening sales outlets, participating in Exhibitions and encouraging artisans to participate in training programmes sponsored by Development Commissioner(Handicrafts), Govt. of India.

The major materials procured and distributed by the Corporation at present are Iron & Steel, Plastic raw materials. The Preferential Purchase Scheme of the Govt. of Goa is handled by the Corporation mainly as a marketing assistance to SSI Units and to help Govt. departments and agencies to procuro various items coming under the scheme at very competitive rates and at the same time by not compromising on quality.

The purpose of this Citizens Charter is to inform the citizens of Goa the services rendered by the Corporation and how to avail the same. Suggestions for improvement is welcome. 

Part A

Procurement and distribution/sale

  1. Marketing Assistance
    1. The Corporation assists SSI Units in participating in tenders floated by Govt. depts. Corporations, etc. The Head Office of the Corporation to be contacted for assistance.
    2. The payments to the units who supply the items are settled within 3 days from the date of receipt of payment from Govt. departments.


  1. Preferential Purchase Scheme
    1. Govt. departments / corporation etc, to approach the Head Office or Margao Divisional Office with their indent.
    2. The supply is made within a period of 2 weeks through SSI units registered for the purpose.
    3. The units are paid by the Corporation for the supply within 15 days of receipt of amount from Govt. departments.
    4. For registering with the Corporation, for the purpose of this Scheme an SSI Unit has to apply in the prescribed form(Form 1) by paying Rs. 250/- as registration fees. The cost of Application form is Rs. 10/- The registration formalities will be complete within 3 days
  2. Marketing & Sale of Handicrafts Items
    1. The Corporation sells handicrafts items on cash basis from the 8 emporia during office hours. The addresses of emporia are given separately.
    2. The artisans to contact Head Office for assistance in marketing their handicrafts items. After careful study, necessary assistance in the form of purchase of suitable items from them or allowing to keep the items in emporia on consignment basis is taken within 3 days and informed accordingly. In case of items to be kept on consignment basis, the party has to apply in Form 2 cost free. The payments to the parties are settled within 7 days of the receipt of the bill.
    3. All payments to artisans etc, in respect to Handicrafts items supplied are settled within 3 days from the date of receipt of bill.
  3. Training Programme for Artisans
    1. On the basis of Training Programmes announced by the Development Commissioner(Handicrafts), Govt. of India, New Delhi, the Corporation provides assistance to needy artisans for facilitating their participation in consultation with the local office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).
    2. The prospective artisans have to register with the Corporation by making application in Form 3 (cost free) for marketing their items.

Part B

Sr. No   Address Tel. No.
1 Headquarters GHRSSIDC Ltd,
Craft Complex,
Neugi nagar,
Panaji - Goa 403 001
2228157 / 2225328
Fax: 2228158
2 Bicholim Production Center GHRSSIDC Ltd,
Pottery Production Center,
D2/7, Industrial Estate
Bicholim - Goa 403 504
3 Emporia    
  a) Craft Complex Handicrafts Emporium
Craft Complex
Neugi nagar, Panaji.
  b) Inter State bus terminus, Panaji Handicrafts Emporium
Inter State bus terminus,
Panaji - Goa.
  c) Airport Handicrafts Emporium
Dabolim Airport,
Dabolim - Goa.
  d) Vasco Handicrafts Emporium,
Tourist Hostel,
Vasco Da Gama, Goa.
  e) Margao Handicrafts Emporium
Tourist Hostel,
Margoa - Goa.
  f) Mapusa Handicrafts Emporium,
Tourist Hostel,
Mapusa - Goa.
  g) Calangute Handicrafts Emporium
Tourist Hostel,
Calangute - Goa.
  h) Dim Udyog Bhavan,
Panaji - Goa
  i) Loutolim Handicrafts Emporium,
Big foot
Loutolim - Goa.


Part C

Incase you have a grievance or problem please contact any of the following Officers at the following address

Sr. No. Officers Official Address Tel No (O) Tel No (R) Mobile no
1. Shri Gaurish Kurtikar
Managing Director
Craft Complex,
Neugi nagar
Panaji - Goa.



2. Mrs. Radha D. Naik
Manager Accounts / GM
Craft Complex,
Neugi nagar
Panaji - Goa.
2228157 2316445  
3. Shri. Pradip Fondekar
Dy. Manager(Accts)
Craft Complex,
Neugi nagar
Panaji - Goa.




2737545 9403271131

Incase anybody in the corporation demands bribe or favor, or if you have information on corruption please contact :

Sr. No.   Name Tel No (O) Tel No (R) Mobile no
1) Vigilance Officer
Cum Managing Director
Shri Gaurish Kurtikar 2225328    
2) Director of Vigilance Shri Sanjeev C. Gauns Dessai 2422111 2223155  


Anti Corruption Bureau Shri. A. K. Teli 2422100 2228653  




Craft Complex, Neuginagar, Panaji - Goa 403 001

Application for Registration of SSI Unit under the Scheme of
'Preferential Purchase' of the Government of Goa

  1. Name and address of the Registered Office of the Unit with Telephone No. and Fax number
  2. Address of the place where manufacturing activity is undertaken with Tel No. Fax No.
  3. Names of Raw materials used for manufacturing process
  4. Name of Products manufactured
  5. Details of Products , manufactured for the last 2 years
    Year Item with full specification Quantity Product Code
  6. Sales turnover of the unit for the last 2 years (in Rupees)
    Year Sale Tournover
  7. Constitution of the firm i.e. whether Registered under Companies Act, 1956/Indian Partnership Act, 1932 etc.
  8. Name and address along with
    Telephone & Fax No. of
    (Please tick whichever is applicable)
  9. Permanent SSI Registration Number with Director of Industries & Mines with date of registration
  10. Permanent Registration number & date in respect of
    1. ISI Code :
    2. ISO Code :
  11. In house testing facilities, if any
  12. Outside testing facilities
  13. Sales tax Registration Number and date
  14. Sales tax exemption expiry date
  15. Income tax Permanent Account No.
  16. Please attach attested copy of the following
    1. Memorandum and Articles of Association or Deed of Partnership
    2. Resolution/Deed under which various powers/ Authorisation are conferred on M.D./Managing Partners/Director or Officers in the matter of Conducting business of the firm.
    3. Latest Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate
    4. Latest Sales Tax Clearance Certificate



Place :
Signature :



Date :
Designation :


Stamp of the firm



Fees' of Rs. 250/- in cash or D.D in favour of GHRSSIDC Ltd. Panaji towards Registration is to be paid alongwith the application. Renewal fee is @ Rs. 25/- per year.

Download form 1





From:   To,
(Name & Address of the GHRSSIDC Ltd.
Supplier) Panaji - Goa.
Tel. No.:  

We request you to kindly keep the following items on consignment basis for sale in your_______________________________ Emporium.

Sr. No. Full description of of the Items Cost Price Qty. Total Cost Sale Price
Date:   Signature of supplier
N.B.: This form shall be submitted in duplicate.





  1. Name of the Artisan/Unit :
  2. Full Address :
  3. Telephone No. :
  4. Items Manufactured :
  5. Raw Material used :
  6. Source of procuring raw material :
  7. Annual Turnover (in Rupees) :
  8. Income tax PAN Number (if applicable) :
  9. Whether registered with any other Institution/Dept. If so give details :
  10. Additional information, if any :



(Signature of Artisan/Unit)

Name :

Download Form 3