Material for Annual Administration Report

Material for Annual Administration Report 2013-14

of Goa Handicrafts, Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited.


  1. Introduction:

    The GHRSSIDC was incorporated on 3rd November 1980, under the Companies Act 1956.   Registered office of the Corporation is at Crafts Complex, Neuginagar, Panaji-Goa.   As on date the Authorized share capital of the GHRSSIDC is Rs.8 Crores, fully paid up with Govt. of Goa shared Rs.783.00 lakhs, Rs.0.02 lakhs from Daman & Diu and Rs.0.15 lakhs from Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, New Delhi.  The number of employees as on 31.03.2014 is 64 nos.

  2. Organizational chart of the Department:
  3. Functions and duties carried out by the Department:
    The main objective, functions/activities of the GHRSSIDC are as follows:
    1. Procurement and supply of raw material to small industrial units.
    2. Scheme of granting assistance to SSI Units.
    3. To extend marketing assistance for the products manufactured by small scale industrial units.
    4. To promote, development and marketing of handicraft items.
    5. Preferential Purchase Scheme.
    6. Deendayal Swayam Rojgar Yojana / Goa Youth Rojgar Yojana Scheme.
    7. Goa Traditional Bakers [Poders] Subsidy Scheme.
    8. Implementation of the various schemes formulated by the Govt. of Goa through grant-in-aid provided by the Government.
      1. Conducting training programme in various Handicrafts items.
      2. Marketing support and documentation of Goan Handicrafts/ Organizing Aparant Maand.
      3. Scheme for Rural Artisans for participating in Inter State Crafts Mela, Exhibitions and Interstate tour for visiting Handicrafts establishments in other States.
      4. The Goa (Subsidy to clay Idol Makers) Scheme 2008.
  4. Acts and Rules implemented by the Department:
    GHRSSIDC is registered under Companies Act 1956 and functions as per the Memorandum and Articles of Association and follow the Rules & Regulations of the Govt. of Goa.
  5. Physical achievements of the Department:
    1. Policy decisions/guidelines /taken[Administrative & Development] during 2013-14
      The Corporation have sent a proposal to the Government to revert back GOA YOUTH ROJGAR YOJANA SCHEME to DEEN DAYAL SWAYAM ROJGAR YOJANA SCHEME.
    2. Steps taken and follow up action on the proposals, schemes and announcements made in Budget Speech 2013-14.
      No proposals are highlighted in the Budget Speach 2013-14 for GHRSSIDC.
    3. Any new initiatives proposed by the Department to improve the service to the people
      1. Goa Traditional Goldsmith Support Scheme A meeting was convened by GHRSSIDC with Dr. Shivanand Verlecar, President and Mr. Kishore Sangodkar, Members of the Goa Gold & Jewellery Promotion Board, formed by the Jewellers.

        As discussed, a draft Scheme for the Traditional Goan Goldsmiths is prepared, which can be implemented by Govt through GHRSSIDC.

      2. Model Salt Farming and Modified Namak Mazdoor Awaz Yojana

        Namak Mazdoor Awaz Yojana is a central Scheme under the Office of Salt Commissioner, which  gives financial assistance to improve the living conditions of the salt workers. This Scheme is being studied for implementation for the benefit of Goan Salt Workers on lines of Namak Mazdoor Awaz Yojana by GHRSSIDC.  The Scheme will be for the benefit of Salt workers.

        The State Govt. is in the process of implementing a pilot scale study to improve the quality and quantity of the salt.  TERI, a Research Institute is preparing a proposal for the project based on eco-tourism.  As stated earlier, the project is to be funded by the industries department, with GHRSSIDC as the executing  agency.  The project would be executed by GHRSSIDC who would levy a 10% service fee for expenses incurred by the Corporation.

    4. Major  achievements of different Schemes during 2013-2014 [Administrative & Development upto March, 2014, supported by Stastical Data]
      1. Goa Traditional Bakers [Poders] Promotion Scheme.

        A Scheme   has   been   prepared   for financial assistance to the   existing traditional Goan Bakers [ Poders]  who   have  been carrying   out   production   of   the   bakery   products    using traditional methods vide Notification No.8/2/2013-IND dated 26th April 2013.  This scheme will come into force from retrospectively 1st April 2012.  As per the Scheme,   provisions are made for   subsidy for maida and other related items.  The process of receiving applications from Poders is in progress.  So far GHRSSIDC have received 10 numbers of applications from the Traditional Poders.  These applications have been placed before the Appraisal cum Distribution Committee Meeting held on17th January 2014.  A provision of Rs.2.00 crore has been reserved during current financial year to finance the beneficiaries under this scheme.

      2. PPS SCHEME:

        Under the Preferential Purchase Scheme, GHRSSIDC purchases products manufactured by local SSI units such as office furniture, computer stationery, PVC Water Tanks, RCC Pipes etc., on Rate Contract basis and  supply to all Govt. Offices, Corporation, autonomous bodies, etc., for which Corporation earns a moderate commission. During 2013-14(Till February 2014), the turnover from PPS Scheme was Rs.1467.91 lakhs.  GHRSSIDC is also the Consignment Agent for Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and supplying Iron & Steel items to SSI units. During 2013-14(Till Feb.2014), the turnover from sale of steel, was Rs.360.41 lakhs. We are also a nodal agency for distribution of Coal in Goa under F.S.A for Coal (India) Ltd  and  supply  coal to needy industrial units. During 2013-14(Till February 2014), the turnover from sale of coal was Rs.222.74 lakhs.  The total turnover of GHRSSIDC Ltd. during 2013-14 is Rs.2051.06.


        The GHRSSIDC participated in various exhibitions/Craft Bazars/Trade Fairs/ Handicrafts Promotion Event as detailed below for popularizing  and marketing of Goan handicrafts and allied products.(The report below is as of date].

        1. Goan Heritage Festival at Saligao from 14th April 2013 to 21st April 2013.
        2. Goencarancho Ekvot at New Delhi, from 25th October 2013 to 28th October 2013.
        3. India International Trade Fair, New Delhi from 14th Nov’2013 to 27th Nov’ 2013.
        4. Ami Goenkaracho Festival at Mumbai from 24th January 2014 to 26th January 2014.
        5. Surajkund Mela from 1st to 15th February, 2014 at  Haryana.
        6. “Gandhi Shilp Crafts Bazar 2013-14”, at Ponda Goa, from 24th to February 2014 to 5th of March, 2014.
      4. Emporia

        The Corporation operates and manages 10 nos. of Emporia in Goa to provide marketing support for Goan Handicrafts Artisans.  The Emporia located at  (1) Aparant Emporium at Crafts Complex, Neuginagar, Panaji, (2) Inter State Bus Terminals, Kadamba Bus Stand, Panaji, (3) Panaji Residency, (4) Udyog Bhavan, Panaji, (5) Mapusa Residency, Mapusa (6) Margao Residency, Margao (7) Vasco Residency, (8) Calangute Residency, (9) Dabolim Airport  and (10) Big Foot Emporium at Loutolim, and providing direct marketing support to Artisans to sell their products.    We also have Emporia at Rajiv  Gandhi Kala Bhavan, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi. The total sale of handicrafts for the year 2013-14 as on 28.02.2014 is Rs.104.22 lakhs.

      5. Progress of different beneficiary oriented schemes implemented by GHRSSIDC during 2013-14.

        GHRSSIDC, a Govt. of Goa Undertaking, continues to serve the SSI Units, Artisans, Self Help Groups aimed at generating self employment through various schemes/training programmes etc. The GHRSSIDC implements the following schemes for the benefits of unemployed youth/women/Self Help Group etc.

        1. Training Scheme for Artisans and unemployed youth

          The objectives of the Scheme is to provide, assist, give training and expert advise in areas of handicrafts products, rural small scale and cottage industries.
          Each training programme is provided with expenditure towards raw material, tool kits, Trainers and Coordinators fees etc. The training programme has been organized exclusively for Mahila Mandals/Self Help Group/Cooperative Societies formed by women.  We have conducted 30 training classes throughout Goa in various crafts like:

          1. Imitation Jewellery
          2. Pottery
          3. Coconut shell
          4. Soft toys
          5. Jute bag
          6. Decorative Candles etc
        2. Rural Artisans for participating in Interstate Crafts Mela and visiting Handicrafts establishments in other States.

          Under this scheme a group of 20-30 Artisans from within the State will be selected by the Corporation and will be sent on interstate study tours of 10-12 days duration. They are taken to centres of excellence, craft villages, handicraft clusters, exhibitions and emporia of other states. TA/DA of these artisans is paid by GHRSSIDC. We have conducted 4 study tour to other States of India around 108 artisans benefited under this scheme.

        3. Goa (Subsidy to Clay Idol Makers) Scheme

          Pottery and Clay Idol making has been the traditional Goan Cottage Industry since times immemorial. The scheme is intended to motivate traditional clay idol makers so as to encourage this ancient art form which has been passed from generation to generation.  It is, therefore necessary to revive the same by Govt. assistance by way of incentives like subsidy. 
          The Idols made out of clay by those artisans registered with the GHRSSIDC is subsidized to the extent of Rs.100/- per idol provided the size of the idol is minimum 1ft height.  The maximum number of idols eligible for subsidy is restricted to 250 nos. per artisan.  During the year 2012-13,  528 beneficiaries were disbursed claims amounting to Rs.58.02 Lakhs.   During the year 2013-14, Corporation is in the process of finalizing the beneficiaries and has received claims from 498 beneficiaries from across the state for the subsidy claim of Rs.55.05 Lakhs.

        4. Goa Youth Rojgar Yojana Scheme:-

          The scheme envisages creation of self employment opportunities by providing infrastructure for creating self employment in the form of working capital loan and subsidy for kiosk aggregating to Rs.1.00 lakh for the purpose of selling Vegetables/fruits/flowers/cold drinks/aerated waters/STD Booths etc.  In the year 2013-14 we have allotted 2 Kiosk to the beneficiaries.  The Corporation has sent a proposal to the Government to change the nomenclature from Goa Youth Rojgar Yojana Scheme to its original title  i.e. Deen Dayal Swayam Rojgar Yojana Scheme .

        5. E-portal for Goan handicrafts- The Corporation has developed a portal for Goan handicrafts which will enable marketing and sale of various items through the medium of internet.

  6. Financial aspects of plan and non-plan schemes:

    Funds are obtained as Grant-In-Aid through Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce as Administrative Department.

  7. Vision for future:
    1. To set up Exhibition Centre in Goa.
    2. To open new Emporia at Ponda and outside Goa such as Bangalore/ Jaipur etc.
    3. To renovate the Crafts Complex at Neuginagar and extend the facilities to the Artisans to Showcase their Handicrafts items by providing them self counter for demonstration and sale.




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April 1, 2014

The General Manager,
Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce,
Udyog Bhavan,
Panaji - Goa

Sub: Material for Annual Administration Report 2013-14.


With reference to your letter No. DITC/PS-1/2012/4783 dated 21.03.2014, enclosed please find herewith the Material for Annual Administration Report 2013-14.

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