Subsidy Scheme for Clay Ganesh Idol Makers

The Chief Minister also distributed the subsidy cheques to beneficiaries under the Subsidy Scheme for Clay Ganesh Idol Makers for the year 2009 -2010.Under this scheme a subsidy of Rs 100 per idol is provided to artisans per year subject to a maximum subsidy amount of Rs. 15000/- per artisan as per predefined criteria. This scheme is implemented through GHRSSIDC with the aim of revival of the traditional art of clay idol making and to ensure its continuity apart from ensuring gainful employment to traditional artisans. Under the scheme a total of 437 artisans will be benefited and the subsidy amount disbursed will be Rs.41.82 lakhs for the financial year 2009-10. The scheme will also be implemented during the financial year 2010-11. After the function the documentary film on Goan Handicrafts was screened for the press and the other invitees.