The Goa Handicrafts Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation (GHRSSIDC LTD) is a government organization in Goa, India. It started in 1980 and is officially recognized under the Companies Act, 1956.

Its main job is to help people in rural areas, small villages, and cottage industries make and sell their handmade products. These products can include things like crafts, textiles, and other handmade goods.

The corporation’s goals are to:

  1. Make it easier for artisans to sell their products.
  2. Give them advice and support.
  3. Help them find markets, including international ones.
  4. Provide facilities for marketing their products.

GHRSSIDC does this by running ten stores in different places in Goa and one in Delhi. In these stores, they sell and promote the products made by these artisans. This helps the artisans earn money from their craftwork.

The corporation helps small businesses grow by offering them special deals through its PPS or rate contract scheme. This means that small-scale industries can supply various items like electrical conductors, pipes, chemicals, furniture, etc., to government departments or other organizations at fixed rates for a year. This helps these small businesses get consistent orders and grow steadily.

Also, the government has chosen the corporation to supply coal to small and medium-sized factories in Goa. These factories need less than 4200 tons of coal every year. By doing this, the corporation helps these factories get the coal they need to keep running smoothly.

Additionally, the corporation is big in the steel market in Goa. It sells steel products made by big companies like Steel Authority of India Limited, Essar, Jindal Steel Works, etc. This means that small businesses can easily buy steel from the corporation and use it to make their products.

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